“El Mo” is a typical expression that my grandmother Josefina always uses when something overcomes her or leaves her speechless. For her, it is a way of describing the incredible or the insurmountable.

According to the RAE, the last straw is “having reached such a point that it cannot reasonably be overcome.” We want to keep this very Spanish expression alive and make new generations adopt it with its positive meaning.

Lastly, we believe in celebrating authenticity and freedom of expression. It would be the last straw if we stopped using this expression that is ours!

By integrating “El Mo” into our modern vocabulary, we not only honor our grandmothers and grandfathers, but we also celebrate a part of our cultural identity.


El Colmo jewelry is a statement of freedom and self-expression. They tell stories and transmit sensations. The mission of El Colmo Jewels is to promote the individuality and uniqueness of each person through our jewelry.

Each jewel from El Colmo Jewels is unique, designed in an original way and handcrafted in Spain. The first collection, "Flow with Nature" , finds its inspiration in the beauty and fluidity of nature, maintaining organic shapes until reaching the last straw , a key piece in the collection.

Be the last straw!